08/06/2008 14:51

Film Debut by Director Nebojša Radosavljević

Serbia, 2007, 90 min
Direction: Nebojša Radosavljević
Cast: Miloš Vlalukin, Jovana Stipić, Nebojša Milovanović, Nada Šargin, Petar Božović
Selection: National Class

Miloš Branković, the debut feature film directed and written by Nebojša Radosavljević, is going to be shown in Cinema City Festival in the program of National Class Selection. The movie was made as a result of director’s search for truth, for the answers to questions that trouble us every day. So the colour photography is rejected because it distracts us from the truths, it keeps our view on the contours instead of on the essence.

The main character is Miloš Branković, a young man with two healthy ambitions: he wants to be a successful architect and to live in love with his Alexandra. However, life circumstances are somehow different than he wishes. Without any reason, Miloš becomes a victim of a fraud and harassment of a street gang. Trying to defend himself, he turns his life path and kills several people. The question arises about the moral dimension of his act. Did Miloš commit a crime or did he fight for unachievable justice?

Apart from this year’s Fest, Miloš Branković (Who the Fuck Is Miloš Branković?) had its international show in Film Market of Berlin Festival.