03/06/2016 05:07

Fantastic Jinx to Open the Cinema City Festival

Cinema City Music Program Starts off on June 25 with Great Jinx Concert

The Cinema City International Film Festival, which is taking place this year from June 25 to July 2 in Limanski Park and Chinatown in Novi Sad, in addition to the top-notch film repertoire, will also, as ever, feature some excellent musical acts. The opening night of the festival brings on stage the fantastic Jinx, whose intoxicating rhythms always guarantee loads of fun.

The ninth edition of the Cinema City Festival will, as always, deliver an unconventional film selection presented in carefully conceptualized film categories. The program scheme of the festival is based on the promotion of debut and second films and young film talents from the country, region and world, as well as on a great musical program which will introduce our audience to some of the most important regional music stars.

The Festival will open on Saturday, June 25, with a concert of the popular band from Zagreb Jinx. After more than two decades on stage, this band, whose first single “I laugh” became an absolute hit and won the hearts of audiences all over the region, today enjoys – with every reason – the status of a cult band. Electrifying performance and a perfect combination of pop sound with a touch of funk and jazz, followed by the magical voice of the lead singer Yaya are just some of the features of their shows, which always irresistibly urge you to dance! Jinx’ hits, such as “Bye Bye Baby Bye”, “Na plaži” (On the Beach), “Koliko suza za malo sna” (How Many Tears for a Bit of Sleep), “Tamo gdje je sve po mom” (Where I Can Live on My Own) and many others, unite massive concert crowds, who recognize this band as one of the most important musical phenomena in the region.

After the great music overture, during the eight days of the festival, the audience will enjoy our excellent film program. The National Class section will bring us a new wave of Serbian cinematic achievements, and Fresh Danube Films will deliver debut and follow-up arthouse films from the Danube region. Up to 10,000 Bucks will once again be the synonym for the finest low-budget movies from around the world, the 360° program will present a panoramic recap of debut festival hits, and the Planet Rock program will feature film-musical testimonies of artists who reshaped the world.

The 2016 festival edition will be held in Chinatown and Limanski park in Novi Sad. The new venues of the last year's Cinema City have found their way to the hearts of the audience and the Cinema City executive team, and will remain the meet-up point of genuine film buffs, art lovers, and all those who want and value the freedom to choose, and the possibility to see new contents, different from those imposed by the cultural globalization of everyday life.

See you from June 25 to July 2 @ #CinemaCity2016