24/08/2017 08:57

Experience “Gora” at the Cinema City Festival

The national documentary film production has got some new authors this year, and so, among others, we had a pleasure to meet Stefan Malešević, whose film “Gora” won the highest prize at this year’s Beldocs Festival, which we will proudly screen at the 10th International Film Festival within the National Class section.

This young filmmaker takes us to the isolated villages of Gora, across the Šar Mountain plateau, following the daily rituals of the Gorani people. Walking us through their villages and streets, their herds of sheep and cows, their mosques and taverns, this movie captures not only the simple lives of the Goranis, but also the natural beauties and cultural treasures of this region. In this film, we see these people working, singing and talking, playing and praying, walking and drinking, while the mountain heights above and around them constantly reminds us of the ephemerality of human existence.