05/05/2010 03:34

"Electrically Powered Music" within Planet Rock Selection

Planet Rock selection, which screens the most successful feature films and documentaries on music, presents a documentary by Milos Jovanovic on one of the most significant rock musicians in this region, Momcilo Bajagic-Bajaga.

Documentary “Electrically Powered Music” is a chronological recount of Bajaga’s career, who was one of the biggest rock authors in former Yugoslavia. At the same time, film follows the creation and development of his band “Instructors” with whom Bajaga cooperates for over 25 years.

“Electrically Powered Music” consists of three parts: eighties, nineties and first decade of third millennium. Structurally film is comprised of documentary shots, clips from music videos, TV appearances, concerts, film clips, accounts of people who were directly involved and, finally, recollections by Bajaga and Instructors on times and events which marked their career.

The most important parts of their career were treated like small stories which have their own creators, witnesses and evidences. “Electrically Powered Music” also tells a story on disappearing of a certain spiritual domain and creating of new ones, where poetry, music and messages of “Bajaga & Instructors” without visas and passports transcend all forced boundaries and speak the universal language – the language of love.

This is a film about the songs which were an intimate diary of all of us who were prisoners of the last tumultuous 25 years in Southeast Europe.