06/05/2009 10:52


Argentina, 2008, 91 min.
Director: Daniel Burman
Cast: Carlos Bermejo, Eugenia Capizzano, Inés Efron, Arturo Goetz, Oscar Martínez, Jean Pierre Noher, Osmar Núñez, Ron Richter, Cecilia Roth
Awards: Best Cinematography, Best Actor, San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2008; Nominations: Golden Seashell, San Sebastián International Film Festival, 2008; Golden Star, Marrakech International Film Festival, 2008.

The film with many awards, El nido vacio by worldwide recognised Argentinian director Daniel Burman, will be presented in NEW LATINO CINEMA selection. The drama with elements of comedy depicts a married couple, which enters a completely new stage of their lives when their youngest child leaves the family house. In this period of life, women mostly experience feeling of freedom and independence while middle-aged men mainly struggle with everyday routines and need to find some new ways of being creative.

The hero Leonardo is a successful writer, who lives with his family in Buenos Aires. When his youngest daughter gets married and moves to Israel, Leonard is stunned and unprepared for these new circumstances. His wife Martha, to whom he has been married for twenty years, deals with the changes in a completely different way. She decides to get back to college and to resume her career which she had left in order to be with her family. Leonardo is left alone deep in thoughts about himself and his new book, more and more worried that he cannot clearly distinguish between the new reality and his "visits" to his world of fantasy. Meanwhile, he gets obsessed with young and attractive Violeta, and he begins to follow her. When he becomes aware of his new and weird little habits, Leo decides to go to a psychiatrist and seek for help...

Daniel Burman, director, screenwriter and producer was born in Buenos Aires in 1973. His film El abrazo partido won the Jury's Grand Prize at the 54th Berlin Film Festival in 2004. El abrazo partido, Esperando al Mesias (2000) and Derecho de famiglia (2006) together make an autobiographical trilogy which tells about the problems a young Jew encounters in Buenos Aires. In 2008, Burman received the prestigious Bresson award which was for the first time given to such a young film artist.