29/04/2009 14:14



On Monday 27th April in Superspace Gallery, E-Play band from Belgrade presented its third studio album called I'm Glad We Met, which is also the official soundtrack of Cinema City festival. Nikola Vranjkovic from the band Block Out is in charge of the album's production.

Guests on this album are the drummer Aleksandar Petrovic Alek from Eyesburn, Bane from Sunshine and keyboard player Dejan Hasecic. Author of the cover is Viktor Juriga, and the photographs were made by Milan Radovanovic. DJ Marko Nastic did a remix of the track "Too Late", which is also on the album.

"Guitar liveliness and fast rhythms mixed with electro sound, is the description of this album. In some tracks we treated the drums differently and let the electronics take over, but then in some parts we didn't restrain live rhythm section", said Maja Cvetkovic, the bass player and singer from E-Play.

E-Play will also present their new video for single "Shame", which is made by new authors Marko Sovilj - director, and Milos Savkovic - cameraman. The video was recorded at different locations in Belgrade, and is in some way a sequel in the scenario for the video "Why" from the first album.