24/05/2008 10:59

Director Natalie Assouline in Cinema City Festival


Israeli director Natalie Assouline is going to be a guest of Cinema City Festival. In Exit Point Selection, she is going to present her documentary called Shahida: Brides of Allah, which is in the competition for the main prize of the festival, Ibis.

The movie shows lives of Palestinian women during their prison days. They were convicted because of their participation in terrorist attacks in Israel. The director spent two years visiting Israeli prison Sharon, interviewing the prisoners and recording their everyday life in captivity.

Searching for the motives for their actions, the movie shows intimate portraits of these suicide women. Shocking, deep, and sometimes funny confessions open the unknown world that balance between good and evil. Kahira, a mother of five, was convicted to three life sentences for helping a suicide bomber to reach the heart of Jerusalem, where he killed three people. Vafe describes how she wanted to blow up the hospital where her serious burns were treated, although Israeli doctors treated her well, while another one tells, while patting her son, how she wanted to blow up an Israeli kindergarten.

“I can understand that they were the victims of many things – society, occupation, life, but they stopped being victims when they took action, when the took a life”, Natalie Assouline says, leaving to every viewer to cope with his or her feeling of fascination, compassion, and disgust, which they destinies provoke.

The debut movie of the Israeli director had his premiere in this year’s Berlinale, where it won the critics prize for the best movie in Forum program.