03/06/2008 03:43

Die Blechttrommel – Pedja's Film Collection

West Germany, 1979, 142 min
: Volker Schlöndorf
Cast: David Bennent, Mario Adorf, Angela Winkler
Awards: Best Foreign Language Film, Academy Awards, USA, 1980, Best Foreign Language Film, Awards of the Japanese Academy, 1982, Best Foreign Language Film, Blue Ribbon Awards, 1982, Best European Film, Bodil Awards, 1980, Golden Palm, Cannes Film Festival 1979, Outstanding Feature Film, German Film Awards, 1979, Golden Screen, Golden Screen, Germany, 1980, Best Foreign Language Film, Hochi Film Awards, 1981, Best Foreign Film, Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards, 1981,Best Foreign Language Film, Kinema Junpo Awards, 1982, Best Foreign Film, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, 1980, Best Foreign Language Film, National Board of Review, USA, 1980; nominations: 1 in total
Selection: Pedja's Film Collection

Die Blechttrommel, directed by Volker Schlöndorf, was made on the basis of the novel with the same name from 1959, by a German writer and an ideologist of anti-fanaticism and anti-totalitarianism, Günter Grass. This renowned literature authority won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1999.

The movie shows quite an unusual boy, Oscar Matzerath, who has possessed developed conscience and self-conscience, as well as remarkable intellect ever since his birth. Already as a baby, he notices the unpleasant atmosphere of this world with his keen mental perception, so when he is three, he decides for a protest of an antisocial nature – he does not want to grow up, or to accept the existing social structure. The present he receives for his birthday, a tin drum he does not stop hitting, is an excellent instrument of communication that expresses universal allegoric protest against the actual order, against mediocrity that surrounds him and the passiveness of the people in the Nazi Germany. But almost nobody pays attention to him, while we see the catastrophes of the World War Two which continues, as well as bizarre situations of the main character of the Grass’s master piece…

The quality of the movie is also proven by numerous valuable awards that Die Blechttrommel won, including the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1980, as well as the prestigious Golden Palm in Cannes Film Festival in 1979.