13/05/2010 15:21

Democracy selection presents “The Five Cardinal Points”

The Five Cardinal Points” tells a story on residents of a Mexican village Tres Valles within Verakruz region. For generations these people lived on their land, working as farmers and craftsmen. Growing rice, pineapple and sugar cane they could earn enough to lead comfortable lives. Unfortunately, things changed due to a phenomenon of globalization which had left, as a consequence, a significant drop in the price of merchandise. Many families can no longer survive on salary alone.

Poverty devastated the entire valley and the whole area has no chance for a better future. Families are being torn apart, emigrating for USA, legally and illegally, searching for work. Most of them have settled in Kansas where they’ve been trying to build their own village in the image of Tres Valles where they’ll be able to once again celebrate their Mexican heritage and soothe the stab of nostalgia they feel towards their family homes.

“The Five Cardinal Points” by Austrian director, writer and producer Fridolin Schönwiese was shot in Mexico as a testimony of people’s longing to realize “the American dream”. A small village community near the US border, with income of only a few bucks still dreams about a carefree life in their own country, going through seemingly endless spiral of hope and disappointment, moving forwards and backwards, mostly illegally and unlawfully between two countries and two cultures. The film deals with the phenomenon of human migration and in a very interesting way illustrates all the complexities of relationships between those two countries…” says Dubravka Lakic, programme selector.