28/03/2011 04:37

Dejan Zecevic – selector for Up to 10.000 bucks in 2009

Talking with Dejan Zecevic

At Cinema City 2008 “The Fourth Man” won you the best director award, and in 2009 you came back as the selector for Up to 10.000 bucks programme. How did you perceive your role and did you accept it having certain expectations from the young film artists.

I enjoyed my role, mainly because of the opportunity to see so many films made by young people. Whenever there is a question of creativity of the young, I always have big expectations and, at the end, I always get more than I expected.

When creating a film, how important is creativity when compared to a financial moment? What would be your message to the young, aspiring directors?

Both are important, but creativity is more important. So, my message is: SHOOT!

When asked, after the recent premiere of his film “The Enemy”, if he were preparing a new project, Zecevic said he’s been working on a new TV show and is also considering several film projects.

This year’s call for Up to 10.000 bucks was officially opened on Friday, March 11 and will last until April 5. All who wish to apply can do so by filling out an online form at www.cinemacity.org/do10000/.