04/05/2009 11:41

Death Proof on RTS

Film and Media Festival Cinema City and RTS's editorial team of films and series will present a collection of nine films which were shown at 2008 festival. The first film to be shown is the attractive creation by Quentin Tarantino called Death Proof. The film will be shown on 4th May on RTS 2 channel at 10 pm.

Tarantino's Death Proof was nominated for Palme D'Or at Cannes Film Festival and for an Empire Award for the Best Horror film at the Empire Awards festival in Great Britain. It was also shown at Cinema City 2008 in the Best of Horror selection.

Kurt Russell is playing the role of a former professional stunt driver Mike, with the "killing" mood. A misogynist and a sociopath with maniacal tendencies while driving his car, Mike sets out in search of new victims, who are always young, attractive women. This time it's Jungle Julia's turn, a radio DJ and a model who starts her journey to Texas with her two close friends. The girls are not aware of the danger when they become Mike's target, who constantly lurks from his unusually attractive car.

Will they become his victims, and are they the only ones - that's the suspense which is offered in this unique, 127-minute-long film called Death Proof by the original Quentin Tarantino.

Last year, at Cinema City festival, film Death Proof attracted great interest with the festival's audience, leaving no empty seats during each projection at the open cinema hall.