20/06/2012 12:13

Day 5 of Cinema City International Film Festival

This year attention of the audience is divided due to yet another key segment of the Festival: Cinema Now Live Academy programme, which was opened on Monday by Laurence Herszberg, director of the Parisian film-library Forum des Images. Special focus was on Andreas Dresen’s master class scheduled after the successful screening of his film “Stopped on Track”. Dresen talked with students and film aficionados present about secrets of art of film directing. On Wednesday, June 20, do not miss a chance to visit master class called Can You Edit an “Unfortunate” Film into Salvation?held by the great professional Miško Nećak, and find out about how significant and crucial editing is for a creative process, and from Valérie Massadian French director, editor, photographer, art director and actress find out how to successfully transform the reality into film images!

On Day 5 the main festival location presents:

The fifth day of this year’s Cinema City festival will begin at 17:30h, with the screening of Zuzana Liova’s “The House”, a simple film focused on a dysfunctional family in which everyone suffers, but nobody dares to make the first step and express their dissatisfaction in order to rectify what bothers them. From Exit Point we move to National Class and from 20:00h you can see “The Parade”, the latest feature directed by Srđan Dragojević, author of cult national classics such as ”We Are Not Angels“, “Pretty Village, Pretty Flame“ and “The Wounds”. We close the fifth day at the Serbian National Theatre with a socially engaged drama, “The Sleeping Voice”, which introduces us to Pepita, who travels from Cordoba to Madrid at the end of Spanish civil war, in order to be next to her pregnant sister Hortensia, who is unjustly imprisoned and sentenced to death. Dedicated to saving her sister, Pepita helps the father of her child, leader of a group of illegal fighters in the mountains.

Katolička porta

Open-air cinema will on the fifth day be in the sign of fantasy and will start at 21:15h with the screening of Manuli’s “The Legend of Kaspar Hauser”. A new version of the legend on the mysterious young man who appeared out of nowhere and charmed everyone with his sensibility. The film was shot on the shores of Sardinia and successfully confirmed Vincent Gallo’s impeccable acting talent, for he simultaneously plays several roles. At 23:15h stay and see “To Die Like a Man”, directed by João Pedro Rodrigues, who made a fantastic and bizarre film with surprising contents.

Arena Cineplex Hall 1

At 16:00h come to Arena Cineplex Hall 1 if you’ve missed the opportunity to see “Le Skylab“, written, directed, and produced by Julie Delpy . This film is a nostalgic retrospection of 1979 and big family gatherings, presented in the night when NASA’s space station Skylab fell down to Earth. This endearing comedy-adventure, which transforms one family gathering into a crazy and unforgettable weekend, filled with illumination, love and song is surely something you should not miss at this year’s Festival. At 18:00h is the screening of “Policeman”, a multiple winner at international film festivals, directed by Israeli director Nadav Lapid. At 20:00h you can see Katia Lewkowicz’s directorial debut “Bachelor Days Are Over”, in which we follow a thirty-five year old man, who gets a serious panic attack a few days before his wedding. This is a great opportunity for all those who missed the premiere of this excellent comedy. At 22:30 stay for “Crossover – Film & Music“ a project generated within the week-long workshop at European Film Festival – Palić 2011.

Arena Cineplex Hall 4!

Film programme opens at 18:00h with a feature from the review selection honoring our main guest of the festival, Andreas Dresen. “Cloud 9” is a drama depicting an (un)believable love, explosion of emotions, awakening of the powerful life force in people who thought it inappropriate and wrong for their age, and long since withered. The film was screened at Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Karlovy Vary and is considered to be one of Dresen’s best achievements. At 20:30h is the repeat screening of Goran Matić’s “Ginger – More than a Game”, which competes for the main award within the National Class selection. At 23:00h within the review selection Focus: Hungary, the selector of which is Bela Tarr, the audience will get a chance to see two films directed by Tarr. The first film is “Prologue”, a 5 minute dolly shot of people waiting in line for food, filmed in beautiful black in white and accompanied by music of Mihály Vig. This short was Béla Tarr’s contribution to the Visions of Europe project. At 23:00h you can see Tarr’s spectacular film “The Man from London”, which had very successful screenings at Karlovy Vary and Cannes. It is a mystery drama in which one of the lead roles is played by the renowned Tilda Swinton.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

At 17:00h you can see the reprise screening of the intriguing feature “Ave”, directed by Konstantin Božanov. At 19:00h you can stay and see five new films from the competition selection Up to 10,000 bucks: First Aid, Meinungsmeer, Katarina, Waiting Room, Gagarin and I. At 21:00h is the screening of “Nana”, a debut feature crowned with Best First Film award at Locarno. “Nana” is a very personal story told through the perspective of a four-year old girl who wonders at her own pace through a dark labyrinth of the world of adults and wicked. The programme will be closed with the screening of “Love and Bruises”, a story of love and passion which build but also bring down cultural barriers.

Have fun and n-joy the fifth day of the Festival!

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