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Mexico, 2007, 94 min.
Director: René Villarreal
Cast: Fernanda García Castañeda, Oliver Cantú Lozano, Andul Zambrano, Emma Mirthala Cantu, Rubén González Garza
Awards: Perspectives Award, Moscow International Film Festival, 2008, Emerging Filmmaker Award, Santa Cruz Film Festival, 2008.

Cumbia callera is an interesting musical, in which the narration is conducted through music and songs composed for the needs of this film. The story takes place in Monterey, the main industrial city in Mexico.

This film tells an unusual love story within an independent colony, located in the city centre, known as ”la Colombia regiomontana”. These typical representatives of Columbian style, are recognisable for their temperament, clothes, slang, and a very sensual dance which contradicts the conservative surrounding. Just a few kilometres south of Texas, Monterrey is clearly influenced by America, thus young immigrants passionately try to preserve the Columbian lifestyle, music and Latino dance, since they carry the vision of their homeland in their hearts.

The story's heroine, charming La Cori, loses her pink Converse sneaker, which is later on found and given back to her by "lustful" El Neto. The plot thickens knowing the fact that the irresistible beauty has a boyfriend. From that point, a sensuous and imaginative battle begins between the two young men in order to gain love of the great seductress. In time, the competition results in a conclusion - Maybe she doesn't have to choose, what harm can be done if they both adore her at the same time?! When it comes to passionate La Cori, the ending of the story as "they lived happily ever after" involves passion and lust in great measure...