27/05/2008 12:33

Crveno klasje (Red Ears) in Retrospective of a Domestic Author

SFRJ, 1970, 85 min
: Živojin Pavlović
Cast: Angelca Hlebec, Arnold Tovornik, Irena Glonar, Jože Zupan, Majda Grbac, Majda Potokar, Rade Šerbedžija
Awards: Great Golden Arena for best movie and Golden Arena for direction in Pula festival in 1971, Golden Ribbon for screenplay adaptation of a literary work, in Berlin festival in 1971.
Selection: Retrospective of a Domestic Author

Despite the great “hunt” that was organized against him after the movie Zaseda (Ambush), Živojin Pavlović somehow managed to make his first colour movie in Slovenia, in 1970, called Crveno klasje (Red Ears). Also, he met Rade Šerbedžija, his future partner. Being the first time, it was more than enough that the movie, in spite of a difficult situation in which it was made, won the absolute victory in two most important categories in Pula, and then also received a great international artistic recognition in Berlinale of the same year.

A special curiosity of the movie is that the author uses it to pay respect in a certain way to his most problematic, and at the same time, dearest work called Zaseda (Ambush), whose last scenes are being watched on a big screen by some peasant, in a scene of Crveno klasje (Red Ears). Again, it is a post-war drama, this time about former partisan who is active as a youth activist during the period of reconstruction. He goes to Steiermark, to a village, where he is supposed to buy crops from the farmers, and then to convince them to join the agricultural cooperative. The Party assignment gets fulfilled, but only after lots of problems, and only superficially, because the agricultural cooperative is founded after threats, pressures, and blackmails. This is what bothers the main character, and makes him distracted, with the awareness of the unfortunate defeat in his love life, so when he superficially reached the goal of his social mission, he makes a big mistake and a tragedy occurs where an innocent person dies.

The movie was created by both Centar filmskih radnih zajednica SR Srbije (Centre of Working Film Communities of SR Serbia) and Viba film from Ljubljana. The screenplay was written by Pavlović himself, and the movie language is full of naturalism, according to which his original style pattern was defined.