22/06/2011 02:00

“Crab Trap” captivated the audience

The Cultural Centre of Novi Sad was a perfect place to be yesterday evening. Oscar Ruiz Navia’s “Crab Trap” incited waves of positive emotions, while describing a problematic paradise on the Pacific coast of Colombia. There couldn’t be a better way to present what the Hungry Days selection is really about.

Another feature from this selection is tomorrow’s “Pursuit”, starring and directing Marina Deak, this year’s guest of the Festival. A very sharp portrayal of the modern woman, “Pursuit” shows new divorcee Audrey who barely manages to make ends meet. She chooses a drastic measure – leaves her son with her mother, until she once again holds reins of her own life. She refuses to ponder whether others will deem her an unfit mother. The one thing she is sure about is that she wants to feel alive again. Marina Deak’s extraordinary energy challenges us throughout the film. Tomorrow, you will have a chance to meet her in person within the CineYouth panel discussion. Also participating in the discussion are Festival selector Vladimir Perisic as well as the young directors Stefan Ivancic and Dane Komljen.