05/05/2009 18:15

Cosas insignificantes

Mexico/Spain, 2008, 96 min.
Director: Andrea Martínez Crowther
Cast: Bárbara Mori, Fernando Luján, Carmelo Gómez, Lucía Jiménez, Paulina Gaitán
Awards: Audience Award, Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema, 2008.

The heroine of the film Cosas insignificantes is a teenager called Esmeralda who has a very unusual hobby - she obsessively collects lost, forgotten or rejected things of people she doesn't know and then carefully places them into a box she keeps under the bed.

Cosas insignificantes is a story about three things from that box, actually through them about the people who used to own those things. Although they don't know each other, they have one common distinctive feature - the inability to commit themselves to people they love the most. Besides this, the film shows Esmeralda's attitude toward the unusual box, collected treasure and the greatest value which is placed in the box - the story about relationships between people.

Director Andrea Martínez is currently working on her documentary called Cycle, which is intended to be an intimate portrait of two brothers, her father and her uncle, who spent eighty days in 1956 travelling by bicycles from Mexico to Canada.