26/04/2010 03:56

Corto Maltese - The Gilded House of Samarkand

Animatrix presents “The Gilded House of Samarkand”, another film poem based on original art of Hugo Pratt, which brings us another adventure of exceptional hero Corto. This time Pratt’s favourite discovers, while staying in Adnan, Turkey, a map of the hidden treasure of the ancient Persian king Cyrus. Here again we will see Corto’s on and off friend Rasputin, who Corto, for the purpose of treasure hunt, rescued from prison called “The Gilded House of Samarkand”. During a long and trying journey to riches Corto meets a motley gallery of characters like soldiers of fortune, lost British actors, even his own doppelganger.

Will Corto reach his goal, who will harm him the most and how will he manage to overcome those life storms?

Besides original selection of Japanese animas by Aleksa Gajić, Animatrix will also screen five animated films on legendary comic book hero Corto Maltese. Hugo Pratt’s enigmatic hero, while uncompromisingly holding reins of his destiny, takes us once more into far reaches of the world seeking exciting adventures and extraordinary heroes.