24/04/2010 09:57

Corto Maltese - The Caribbean Suite

At Cinema City festival, within Animatrix selection we will have an opportunity to indulge ourselves with film marathon inspired by famous comic book character Maltese and to experience adventures of this charismatic hero, meet exotic worlds, numerous historical and fictitious characters, femmes fatales, natural disasters and mystical powers of the occult.

In “The Caribbean Suite” Corto crosses Caribbean archipelago and reaches shores of Guiana and Brazil. In the heart of Amazon he helps poor peasants in their fight against wealthy landowners. The road then takes him to an Indian chief, then to a runaway prisoner together with whom he will seek revenge. On his eternal journey he will find a mysterious hidden treasure… Luckily, on his voyage he will have help of the Golden Mouth…

Who is Corto Maltese anyway? Maltese is a complex character designed by author Hugo Pratt. Even after several decades of his life on pages of a comic book he doesn’t cease to delight with his mystical charisma and unbelievable sense for adventure and the occult.

He is a child of an English sailor and Andalusian gipsy, witch and a prostitute. As a kid he became aware of his peculiarity when he discovered his palms don’t have a life line, which he interpreted as a sign that his destiny is his own to make. He is always on the side of those threatened and tormented. Intellectually superior, Maltese’s favorite books are More’s “Utopia”, works of London, Stevenson, Melville… Often in his adventures he meets historical figures who make this fictitious hero all the more real…

Visitors at Cinema City festival will have a unique opportunity to see five superb films inspired by Corto Maltese and these are “Ballad of the Salt Sea”, “The Caribbean Suite”, “Celts”, “Corto Maltese in Siberia” and “The Golden House of Samarkand”.