25/04/2010 05:08

Corto Maltese in Siberia

Within Animatrix selection, visitors of Cinema City festival, among them lovers of animated films and comic books will have a unique opportunity to travel the magical world of Hugo Pratt through five films on magnificent hero Corto Maltese.

Pascal Morelli’s film “Corto Maltese in Siberia” from 2002 brings us into tumultuous events at the world stage at the end of 1918. Russia is in the middle of a civil war while antagonism slowly creeps towards east, between Ural and Shanghai. Across Russia, Siberia and Manchuria travel glamourous, well guarded trains, targets of numerous organized plots, for it is a well known fact that these trains carry gold for the counter-revolutionist government. A special interest arouses admiral Kolchack’s train, which carries the heaviest load. In this treasure hunt, Corto helps the order of “Red lanterns” which saved his life at one time. Together with his unusual friend Rasputin (who resembles real historical figure only physically and only in some character traits) they meet secret Chinese societies, fascinating but perverse Russian duchess, a baron who believed he was Genghis Khan incarnate and a number of generals morally torn between their glorious past and uncertain future where they risk losing everything.