24/04/2010 03:30

Corto Maltese - Ballad of the Salt Sea

One of the most significant writers of today, Umberto Eco, said: “When I want to relax, I read Marx. When I want to contemplate, I read Corto Maltese.”

The film adventure on legendary sailor called “Ballad of the Salt Sea” has in store indescribable thrills of the wild Pacific and introduces us with equally interesting historical context of distant Europe. “Ballad of the Salt Sea” was based on Hugo Pratt’s first comic book by the same title, which is considered one of his best works.

The film shows smugglers on islands of South Pacific, just before WWI, who are trying to adjust to new international relations. On one side there are technological revolution and beginnings of modern warfare, and on the other, in Polynesia, immersed in a legacy of cannibalism, wars are still fought differently. Although away from Europe, their battles for island territories are not left unnoticed on world political scene.

Main heroes are Corto, who is rescued from doom and who continues to, reluctantly but instinctively, help the people in need and Rasputin who, contrary to Corto, allows his character to be overpowered with negative traits.

In this adventure, which will also introduce historical figures, Maltese will, through a personal choice, find his own peculiar way out, becoming a recognizable figure in the world of comic books and film art, glorified primarily by European audience and critics. Mystified on one side, Maltese will show a weakness for exotic beauties who have the power to shake even the most unusual characters like our hero…