11/05/2009 15:11

Contemporary Turkish Cinema

With its honourable programme of contemporary Turkish film, Cinema City Festival endeavours to present the most dynamic cinematography on the Balkans today. We do that by comparing two generations of directors. Those who revived Turkish film and placed it on high position worldwide during the 1990s, and those who we classify as the group of younger authors, who create their first remarkable films inspired by the examples of their forerunners.

The audience in Serbia will see the film Dot, a calligraphic story about crime and punishment, the latest film by a world-acclaimed, award-winning director Derviş Zaim. There will also be the film My Only Sunshine, the latest film by the master Reha Erdem, a bitter and elliptical story about emotional and sexual abuse over a young girl. With the film Shell, the poet, screenwriter and director Uygur Asan defends the honour of already recognised Turkish directors. Nezih Ünen joins him as well, with his feature-documentary musical Lost Songs of Anatolia, for which he spent five years of delicate research and 350 hours of editing the filmed material.

Younger generation of Turkish directors is represented by the uprising Özcan Alper, with his début feature film Autumn, a poetic story about an encounter of two people from different worlds, and love that becomes the last desperate attempt to understand the world and to avoid loneliness. Besides him, there is Atalay Taşdiken, also with a début feature film The Bogeyman (Mommo), a nicely produced drama in which the author catches the fears and hopes of his little protagonists...

The tribute to Turkish film, which exceeded the boundaries of the Balkans long ago, would not be complete without mentioning the Turkish theatre and film actor, screenwriter, director and producer Tuncel Kurtiz, whose fruitful career began in 1956. In this way, Cinema City Festival wishes to thank Mr. Kurtiz for his acceptance to be an Official jury member in the competition programme and for giving us the chance to welcome him as our guest.

Dubravka Lakic