20/04/2009 16:05

Co-operation Between Serbian National Theatre and Cinema City

Serbian National Theatre and Cinema City have signed a protocol, under which in June, Serbian National Theatre becomes the festival's centre, and apart from hosting traditional manifestations - Sterijino pozorje and INFANT, every year it will host the key part of Cinema City's programme.

Therefore, during the ten-day festival, because of the particularly suitable conditions of the theatre ambience, all important places (the stages, halls, terraces and staircases) will be adjusted to this festival's needs.

Serbian National Theatre will accommodate two main festival cinema halls, in which over 100 films will be projected. Furthermore, there will be placed the main ticket office and the Information Desk, where at all times the visitors will be able to get answers to all questions about the attractive festival programme.

Serbian National Theatre will be the centre of positive dynamics through already thought-out Meeting Point Cafe, a restaurant, a VIP Party venue, as well as the centre of creative discussions, especially in a place planned for panel discussions and debates, and a festival studio.

Green carpet in front of the theatre's entrance, will be a symbolic gesture of eco-protest and a positive equivalent to inappropriate red carpet kitsch.

Festival's Press Centre will also be situated in Serbian National Theatre.