22/06/2012 09:34

Cinema Now Live Academy presents

Sold out screenings, especially for films from competition selections National Class and Exit Point, and review selections – MTV presents Burn Planet Rock and 360o are an indisputable proof of significance of film is in contemporary culture and the need of a modern man towards film.

For six days now, Novi Sad has been cinema arena and festival center, which can match the more significant European cultural centres, ready to play host to the representatives of the board of the renowned film institution – European Film Academy, the latest film expressions and visions, and professional filmmakers from all over the world.

Through Cinema Now Live Academy programme Cinema City dedicated special attention to students and young filmmakers through a series of lectures. What stands as a special success of the Cinema Now Live Academy programme is, in addition to attendance, the interactive approach that students had when attending lectures. They talked to lecturers, asked questions and through their own intellectual curiosities improved their knowledge and enriched their experiences.

Within this programme, we invite you to come today at 15:00h, Youth Theatre, and hear the story of film at a time of “global screens” led by Elma Tatargić and Srđan Koljević, and not miss the next lecture at 16:00h, where you can find out all the secrets of contemporary strategies when it comes to placement, distribution and alternative funding of films, led by Bruno Chatelin, board member of the European Film Academy and International Film Festival Summit, producer, specialist of buzz strategy and online communication and founder of websites filmfestival.com and Fest21