02/05/2009 16:16

Cinema City's Film Collection on RTS


Cinema City film festival and RTS's editorial team of films and series will present to the audience a collection of nine films which were shown at Cinema City 2008. The first film will be Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof which will be shown on RTS 2 channel on 4th May at 10 pm. Every following week, at 10 pm, awarded and intriguing creations that marked last year's selections of the festival will be shown.

The film Death Proof is part of a project called Grindhouse. This project also contains Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror which will be shown on television as a part of Cinema City collection. The films of these two famous Grindhouse directors present a unique journey to the past and remind us of B movie production and Grindhouse movie theatres which marked the 1960s and the 1970s.

The selection of musicals Planet Rock will present films Sretno dijete (Happy Child) by Igor Mirkovic, 24 Hour Party People by Michael Winterbottom, as well as The Filth and the Fury by Julien Temple, a shocking portrait of punk band Sex Pistols. The film Happy Child is a music documentary about the most fruitful period of rock music in former Yugoslavia at the end of 1970s and at the beginning of 1980s. Igor Mirkovic made into a film his semi-autobiographical research of his own adolescence and the great impact of music of that time. The film 24 Hour Party People takes back the audience in times of musical revolution and presents bands as Joy Division, New Order and Happy Moments, bands which have changed musical industry.

As part of this collection, there will be the film which opened last year's festival, Nije kraj (Will not end Here) by famous Croatian director Vinko Bresan. Leading actors are Nada Sargin and Ivan Erceg. The films which will present the main competitive selection Exit Point will be The Song of Sparrows by famous Iranian director Magid Magidi, as well as Let the Right One In by Swedish director Thomas Alfredson, which drew great attention of the audience and critics and won the FIPRESCI award. The film which will present the selection Animatrix, a selection that constantly intrigued the audience of the festival, will be the film Animatrix, after which the selection was named. Animatrix is an anthology of nine short animes connected to the famous creation Martix, directed by Wachowski brothers in 1999.

Cinema City Film Collection was created with the intention to remind us of the last year's programme of the festival, as well as to warm us up for this year's festival which will take place from 6th to 14th June in Novi Sad organised by Exit Association. Every creation will get an introductory speech by our famous directors, actors and film critics.