26/08/2013 09:46

Cinema City will officially begin with the opening ceremony and film “Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen”

The sixth CINEMA CITY International Film Festival starts today, August 26 and will last until September 1. During the festival over 130 films will be screened in eleven selections. This year the Cinema City festival will take place at ten city locations, including: Arena Cineplex, Arena 3D Open Air, Amstel Open Air, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Museum of Vojvodina, Gallery of Matica Srpska, Academy of Arts Novi Sad.

The Hungarian film Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen, directed by György Pàlfi, will officially open the sixth Cinema City on Monday, August 26, at 20:00 hours. The film was screened at the Cannes film festival, where it managed to unite the opinions of critics and audience, who all agreed that it is an extraordinary achievement. Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen is comprised of 450 scenes from film classics, and is a most peculiar response from the director and his criticism of the Hungarian government for lack of financial and any other support for artists and filmmakers. Hungarian director György Pàlfi needed three years to complete this film in which thousands of European and Hollywood stars “act” together. In essence, this is a perfect love story about a perfect man and a perfect woman.

This year’s CINEMA CITY will be marked by two open air cinemas. The new location, Amstel Open Air will screen the best films of the festival, including a number of music films from the Planet Rock selection. For the first time in our country we will have a 3D open air cinema callend Arena 3D Open Air.

Amstel Open Air is located in the Park next to the Assembly of Vojvodina. During seven days of the Festival, Amstel Open Air will entertain its visitors with the total of thirteen films, DJ interludes organized by Amstel, and Amstel Happy Hour. On the last day of the Festival, following the screening of the film that served as the inspiration, the audience will have the opportunity to hear Vlada Divljan perform with his band Ljetno Kino Big Bend.

This location will screen three films from the National Class selection: love story “Trolling” by Kosta Đorđević, drama ''Withering'' by Miloš Pušić, and award-winning “Circles” by Srdan Golubović. At this location you will also get the chance to see Pablo Berger’s “Snow White”, which won over thirty awards, among those 10 Goya awards, and has thirty other nominations as well. The film that left the audiences breathless at the prestigious international festivals such as Toronto, San Sebastian, and Rotterdam, found a beautiful way of paying homage to silent films. Also at this location – “Sonja and the Bull” by Croatian director Vlatka Vorkapić; comedy ‘’Super Star’’; documentary “Doin' It in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC’’ on NY street basket, which has its most loyal fans approaching it as religion; “Reincarnated”, which follows the ups and downs of international music icon Snoop Dog, including the loss of his closest friends Tupac and Nate Dogg; “The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think”, is a synesthetic bomb of sound, film and lights. In ''It Might Get Loud'' the music resonates, moves and inspires, while “Marley” follows the life story of Bob Marley, a revolutionary and musician, on his path to becoming an international superstar.

A combination of films inspired by comic book classics and some of the iconic films realized in 3D technology will be the main focus of the programme at Arena 3D Open Air location. Ten film hits shot in 3D will be screened during five days of the festival – “Turbo”, “Iron Man”, “Man of Steel”, “Wolverine”, “Planes”, “Pacific Rim”, signed by renowned Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, “Star Trek”, “World War Z”, “The Great Gatsby”, an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel set in 1920s Long Island, and “One Direction” about the eponymous group that stands as the most recent global music sensation.

The National Class will this year present the majority of domestic production. A three-member jury comprised of international film experts will present award the Ibis award in the following categories: best film, best director, best screenplay, best actress and best actor. This year the National Class presents thirteen films: “Artillery Boy” by Srđa Anđelić; “The Whirlpool” by Bojan Vuk Kosovčević; “Where Is Nadia?” written and directed by Aron Sekelj, Raško Milatović, Miloš Milovanović, Nemanja Vojnović, Petar Ristovski, Tea Lukač, Marko Đorđević, Luka Popadić, students of the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade; “State” by Jelena Marković, “When Day Breaks” by Goran Paskaljević; “Circles” by Srdan Golubović; “Ice” by Jelena Bajić Jočić; “Love Comes After” by Hadži-Aleksandar Đurović; “The Swing” by Tamara Drakulić; “Mamarosh” by Momčilo Mrdaković; “Withering” by Miloš Pušić; “Trolling” by Kosta Đorđević and “Falsifier” by Goran Marković.

The Exit Point selection is a review of some of the best autheur films of international production. It comprises the most interesting films from the festivals in Berlin, Rotterdam, Cannes, Toronto, Locarno, and other prestigious film festivals. The selector of these films is Dubravka Lakić, film critic and journalist from Politika.

A new selection at the Festival is Fresh Danube Films, which is supported by the European Cultural Foundation from Holland. This selection will screen films signed by the authors from the Danube region – Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. The films which will be screened as part of the Fresh Danube Films selection have already been screened at CROSSING EUROPE in Linz (Austria), documentary rock film festival DORF in Vinkovci (Croatia) and in November this year they will be screened at FREE ZONE festival in Belgrade.

FRESH DANUBE FILMS aims to contribute to the networking of authors, strengthen their skills and establish their position in art and society, having in mind that it has a strong educational character.

As is tradition, the selection Educons Presents Up to 10,000 Bucks introduces the films shot with a budget of less than 10,000 bucks, which is in no way hinders the production of quality films.

The Film It Loud selection is signed by Toni Šarić, director of the Documentary Rock Film festival, DORF, from Vinkovci (Croatia). This selection is the result of the eponymous project supported by the IPA CROSSBORDER programme Croatia – Serbia, co-financed by the European Union. Film it LouD will screen the latest achievements of the Croatian cinema.

Every year Cinema City uses Respect to… selection to present the retrospective of some of the most significant authors of today. This year the focus will be on Israeli director Eran Riklis, who will also be the guest of the festival, and Želimir Žilnik, one of the most significant authors of the Yugoslav Black Wave. The retrospective was supported and made possible by the Israeli government, which for years now has been active in supporting all projects and cultural activities that promote Israeli culture. This programme selection will screen four films: “Cup Final”, “The Syrian Bride”, “Lemon Tree” and “Zaytoun”. Respect to… Želimir Žilnik is dedicated to the author of numerous feature films and documentaries and one of the founders of the docudrama genre, awarded at international and national film festivals. From the beginning of his professional film career, Žilnik focused on contemporary issues, including social, political and economic criticism of everyday life. His debut film “Early Works” (1969) won a Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. Both directors will be presented the Ibis award for the contribution to world cinema.

Planet Rock will bring some of the best music films but also films that nurture a different lifestyle and different values by presenting contemporary art in various forms. This selection will screen the total of 10 films, including: “Pussy Riot – Punk Prayer’’a story of the world-famous punk dissidents in Russia; “Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story’’ and the story of cult band Morphine; ‘’Snoop: Reincarnated’’ on transformation experienced by Snoop Dog, star of this year’s Exit festival; ‘¡Cuatro!’’, a film on the origins of the current trilogy of one of the greatest bands of our time, Green Day; ‘’It Might Get Loud’’ is a film study on the art of guitar playing through portraits of three giants – Jimmy Page, Jack White and the Edge from U2; saga of the greatest reggeae artist of all times: ‘’Marley’’; a perfect video recording of the performances of Chemicals, titled ‘’The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think’’; ‘’Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction’’ about a legendary and peculiar artist, friend of Marlon Brando and David Lynch; and ‘’Vlada’’ a retrospective of Vlada Divljan.

Cinema City 2013 will present a selection of the most notable accomplishments screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Beldocs in Belgrade, including Beldocs winner “The Act of Killing”, directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, and “Elena”, signed by Brasilian director Petra Costa.

CC shorts is a selection of award-winning short films chosen by selector Petar Protić.

The Cinema Youth programme is an educational film platform through which the festival will play host to 40 young film professionals from the Southeast Europe, who will work with some of the most skillful lecturers. This platform will allow for creative ideas to became reality.

The NIS company significantly contributed to the realization of this year’s festival, by supporting it within the Public competition “Together for the Community” and programme of socially responsible business aimed at the development of local communities. This competition was announced on the territory of 10 towns and municipalities in which NIS does business. The project is being implemented for the fifth consecutive year. By supporting the Cinema City festival, this company primarily wants to promote art and artistic values of young and talented artists.

Tickets for the screenings will be priced at RSD 150 for all screenings except for the screenings of 3D films, which will be priced at RSD 350. The screenings at Amstel Open Air are free of charge.

In the past six years, the Cinema City festival has screened over six hundred films and has been visited by more than 350,000 film aficionados.

The entire programme of the Festival, including precise locations and screening schedule can be found at the following link.