31/05/2010 12:13

Cinema City Shorts selection

Cinema City Shorts will present five short films from Sarajevo City of Film project from last year’s Sarajevo Film Festival. The films in question come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and Romania.

Wisely selected locations in Sarajevo, music and sound as building elements of these films and protagonists of various ages allow us to perceive Sarajevo not through the eyes of a man visiting a city, or a man who grew up in it, but simply through the eyes of a Man.

Through five stories taking place on the streets of Sarajevo, young authors depicted and explored the time we live in, not withholding anything from anyone who ever wondered what and for whom he’s fighting for, what his fears are, what’s the path of his liberation and how long he has to wait to reach a goal he strived to achieve.

Last year, this project included five films and all will be presented within Cinema City Shorts selection: “Waiting” by Daniel Béres, “Museum of Broken Relationships” by Iulia Rugina, “Liberation in 26 Pictures” by Ivan Ramljak and Marko Skobalj, “Woman in Purple” by Igor Drljaca and “Pink River” by Zacharias Mavroeidis.

Sarajevo City of Film project was launched in 2007, in collaboration with Berlin International Film Festival and with support from the Film Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the aim to provide the participants of Sarajevo Talent Campus with an opportunity to apply their knowledge to practical work and present their endeavors and ambitions.