17/06/2016 06:31

Cinema City Recommends the Exhibition “Differences” by the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad


The Cinema City International Film Festival invites you to the exhibition “Differences” (Serbian: “Razlike”) by the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, which is taking place from June 17 to July 2 in SKCNS Fabrika in Chinatown. This exhibition, which brings together the professors and students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, is a massive, unprecedented step outside of the boundaries of traditional media, creating a unique opportunity for the public to see for the first time the authentic art expression of its participants. In addition to the Cinema City film and music programs from June 25 to July 2, we invite all the festival visitors to pay special attention and visit "Differences", and wallow in its incredibly creative collection of works. During the festival, besides SKCNS Fabrika, the exhibition “Differences” will also be on display at the following locations: Quarter and Indoor Cinema.

The project “Differences” emerged in 2005, in an attempt to bring together the faculty members and students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in order to explore jointly the social, economic, cultural and political values of “differences”. This unique art project is open to the creative clashes of the different and even opposing art, social and political forms of expression. The project is based on Michelangelo Pistoletto’s creative concept proclaimed in his manifesto “Progetto Arte” (Art Project) and further corroborated in “Love Difference”.

The project is implemented on an annual basis, actively, through discussions, visits to certain locations and exhibitions of participating faculty members and student. All participants are free to express themselves both through practical and theoretical works, following the contemporary artistic practice.

The underlying principles of the project are: to go beyond the framework of traditional media, ignore the rigid academic division between artistic disciplines and spur the participants into an interdisciplinary and experimental action. The project aspires to articulate and encourage the preservation of differences.

The author of the project is professor Goran Despotovski, and other participants in the project are: Adrián Klájó, Aleksandra Trajković, Aleksandra Simović, Adrienn Ujhazi, Barbara Jovanović, Borislava Nedeljković, Bosiljka Zirojević Lečić, Bojan Novaković, Biljana Jevtić, Danica Jevđović, Dejan Jankov, Dragan Hajrović, Dragan Matić, Dušica Čupović, Dragutin Jegdić, Goran Despotovski, Đorđe Ćorić, Ekatarina Mitković, Emilija Valentikova, Irena Kovač, Ivana Lazić, Irina Dulović, Ira Prodanov Krajišnik, Jovana Čajović, Jovana Stojaković, Jelena Gajinović, Julijana Horvat, Kristina Palanjuk, Luka Stojanović, Lidija Marinkov Pavlović, Ljubomir Vučinić, Marijana Buljovčić, Marko Tosić, Marija Savrin, Marija Jevtić, Mia Džidara, Milos Đorđević, Mladen Stojanović, Natalija Radovanović, Nebojša Bumba, Nina Milivojević, Nikoleta Buljovčić, Nikola Nikolić, Radenko Orović, Sanja Stvorcova, Sara Apostolović, Sandra Janjatović, Semra Kadrić, Szilard Antal, Srđan Šarović, Sonja Halilović, Stefan Stojanović, Stefan Jovanović, Tomislav Todorović, Uroš Dožić, Vanja Ignjac, Vanja Novaković, Vladimir Frelih, Zvezdana Đurčić, and Željko Mandić.

The project “Differences” draws its significance from being a special kind of unification of all artistic fields – categories, inasmuch as it brings all the three departments of the Academy of Arts together, strengthening their mutual interaction. In that way, the project seeks to cover and expand those educational elements crucial for the development of creative abilities. During the period of its implementation, this project creates an environment which, by cultivating dialogue, analysis and creative work, eliminates distances and encourages us to cherish our differences.

The realization of “Differences” has been supported by numerous institutions in the previous period, which further demonstrates the magnitude of this project and its impacts. The project “Differences” by the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad has so far been implemented in cooperation with the following institutions: the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Serbian National Theater; “Novkabel”; “Podrum” Gallery; Student Cultural Center of Novi Sad; University Library “Svetozar Markovic”, Belgrade; Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin; Art Galery of Slavonski Brod and “Ružic” Gallery, Croatia; Cinema City International Film Festival, Novi Sad and the Academy of Arts in Osijek, Croatia. More information available via the following link: www.razlike.akademija.uns.ac.rs.