16/06/2008 18:40

Cinema City Presents Today

In the offer of rich film program of the third day of the festival, you can see at Serbian National Theatre the rerun of The War Tapes by Screnton, at 15:30. At 18:00, Marko Kostic’s Paper Princ is to be shown, while at 20:15 you can see Shahida: Brides of Allah, a documentary by Natalie Assouline, and a domestic thriller called Miloš Brankovi? by Nebojša Radosavljevi? at 22:30.

In Katolicka Porta, with the beginning at 21:15, a projection of multiply awarded animated film by Nine Paley, called Sita Sings the Blues is to be projected, with the rerun of Lance’s Ballast at 23:15.

Arena Cinema starts the day with Zivojin Pavlovic’s Bu?nje pacova at 18:00, then, at 20:00, A Via Lactea, Brazilian drama by Lina Chamia follows, with Bad Voodoo’s War, a documentary from 2008, directed by Deborah Scranton following them.

Cult film 24 Hour Party People begins at 21:15 in Dunavski Park, then at 23:15, a film from The Best of Horror selection, called Profondo Rosso directed by Dario Argento follows.

In Mileticeva Street, at 21:15, a film by Bulgarian director Val?anov, called A dnes nakade is to be shown, followed by Exhibit A, directed by Dom Rotheroe, at 23:15.

At The Youth Theatre, at 18:00, I’m Not There by Todd Hayns is projected, then, films from Pedja's Film Collection are to be shown at 20:00 and 22:00, Jôi-uchi: Hairyô tsuma shimatsu and Kagemusha, respectively,. I the small hall, at 19:00, three films from Up to 10.000 Bucks selection are to be shown, and at 21:00, Nada by Juan Carlos Cremata Malbertia from Respect to Cuba selection.

Enjoy the third day of the Cinema City Festival. The whole city is a cinema!