18/05/2012 03:09

Cinema City presents original achievements of 360° selection

The 360° selection, which premiered last year at the Cinema City festival and was created by selector Petar Protić, is one of the programmes that attracted great attention and drew sincere fondness from the audience. This year the panoramic programme of 360° selection will once again present new achievements of independent production, interesting heroes and their engaging stories that will make us laugh and make us think, perhaps mollify us or make us cautious before life’s crossings and unpredictable turning points.

Thanks to the programme 360° we will catch a glimpse into a tumultuous emotional life of a future groom, a hidden dreamer, a few days before the wedding, whose doubt in the validity of the “final” decision grows stronger after he becomes aware of his sympathies for a newly met girl."The Bachelor Days Are Over"(Pourquoi Tu Pleures?) is a debut film of a French actress-turned-director, Katia Lewkowicz. This comedy had a successful screening at Cannes 2011, and is one of the achievements that no one should miss at this year’s Cinema City festival.

The multi-awarded road movie “Ave” (Avé) is Konstantin Bojanov’s debut film, which tells us what happens when a boy accidentally meets a girl by chance, who turns out to be a compulsive liar, and who begins to manipulate his emotions but his life as well. “Ave”, named after the film heroine, was inspired by masterpieces of this genre such as Michelangelo Antonioni’s “The Passenger” and Bob Rafelson’s “Five Easy Pieces”.

One of the best contemporary Argentine achievements “The Student” (El Estudiante) is Stantiago Mitre’s debut film. This is a dynamic story of a disinterested student who becomes involved in politics in university circles after winning over the sympathies of an assistant professor. It is a cleverly designed metaphor for political machinations occurring within the society. In words of the selector: “This is one of the best political films ever made, for its very structure reveals the secrets of a filthy and dangerous craft that dominates the modern world”.

Through excellent acting and score, João Canijo’s family saga “Blood of My Blood” (Sangue do Meu Sangue) tells of life’s severity amidst the bustle of Lisbon, and of the sacrifices two women are willing to endure for the sake of their family’s well being. The film carries a powerful and humane message of hope and tells of the paramount importance of unconditional love, while being very meticulously designed on a number steadfast episodes. The frame for all these episodes is provided by a very talented film ensemble.

Davide Manuli’s surreal and postmodern western with hints of science fiction, “The Legend of Kaspar Hauser” (La Leggenda di Kaspar Hauser), where one of principal roles is played by excellent Vincent Gallo, is a historical mystery in black-and-white, which will, together with soundtrack signed by electro genius Vitalic, be one of film sensations of this year’s Cinema City festival. In the words of the selector Petar Protić, it seems like “Eugen Ionesku penetrated an old story of each for himself and God against all”.

Emmanuel Mouret’s “The Art of Love” (L'Art d'aimer) received the best screenplay award at Montreal World Film Festival, and not unlike earlier works of Woody Allen, it contains a set of a series of finely designed vignettes that show everyday life of several Parisian couples while they reexamine what they really want from their lives. By style and discreet intent to tell a universal story about emotions, actor and director Emmanuel Mouret resembles the famous French author Éric Rohmer. His film is at times sad, but comical enough to make the sadness disappear in an instant.

The programme of 360° selection will also screen a new feature of one of the most respectable and successful comediennes of Japanese and Asian cinematography – Hitoshi Matsumoto. The film adventure titled “Scabbard Samurai” (Saya Zamurai) tells of a former samurai facing an unusual task and ultimatum. A plentitude of funny and, at the same time, heroic enterprises of the main character will win over sincere sympathy from his daughter, the entire village in the medieval kingdom, and, we are positive, the audience which will have a chance to enjoy this film at Cinema City 2012.