13/06/2014 03:07

Cinema City presents new films and future stars

The Fresh Danube Film selection was conceived at last year’s Cinema City festival as the result of the great success of the eponymous project. This year it is presented as an official competition selection, which will present ten marvelous debut and second feature films signed by young authors from the region. The films have been chosen by selector Vladan Petković, while the best among those will be chosen by David González, representative of a reputable European film platform, Cineuropa.

Every year Cinema City dedicates a part of its programme to young filmmakers, by presenting their films and helping them with career development. By nurturing the contents focused on the promotion of a new generation of filmmakers, last year we initiated the Fresh Danube Films network – FDF. This network connected four film festivals from the Danube region – Cinema City from Novi Sad, Free Zone from Belgrade, DORF from Vinkovci and Crossing Europe from Linz. The idea of helping young film artists from the region build and strengthen their careers evolved into a separate selection, the quality of which gave it its rightful place among main competition selections of the Cinema City festival; National Class and Up to 10,000 Bucks. This year’s Fresh Danube Films selection is supported by German organization for international cooperation – GIZ.

FDF will present the audience ten original and promising debut and second films chosen by the Cinema City’s new selector – Vladan Petković, film critic and writer for a well-known film magazine Screen International. As he explains, the basic criteria for choosing this year’s films were built upon by certain trends in directorial approach, which “strike the boundaries between fiction and documentary, real and rehearsed, or use the already existing material and change its context, or tell a story through improvisation and active cooperation with amateur actors.” This blending of film forms and genres mirror the entire concept of the Cinema City festival, which has, for years now, been presenting the best that contemporary film has to offer.

This selection will be screened from Monday, June 23, at Hall 2 of Arena Cineplex, where the audience will also get a chance to participate in Q&As with some of these great filmmakers, who will be guests of the Cinema City festival, including Nevio Marasović, author of the award-winning film Vis-A-Vis and Siniša Juričić, producer of Velvet Terrorists.

The best film from this selection will be chosen by David González, representative of a reputable European film plaftorm, Cineuropa. Cineuropa is the first European portal dedicated to film and audiovisual art, which brings daily updates and comprehensive analyses of current industry topics, with the aim of promoting European film industry. In addition to the Ibis award for best film, which is awarded by the Cinema City festival, the winner of the FDF selection will also be presented with a recognition award from Cineuropa.