06/06/2014 05:21

Cinema City presents Fresh Danube Films selection

The Fresh Danube Films selection is intended for best debut and second films made by the authors from the Danube region. This year the selection will present ten films signed by some very talented authors from this region.

Don’t miss the chance to see Hungarian Free Entry – One Day of Betty, by Yvonne Kerékgyártó, in which we meet two teenage girls whose experiences show them the good and bad side of freedom, but also the strength and importance of friendship. Another film from the region is Life Almost Wonderful. This film, signed by Bulgarian award-winning documentary filmmaker Svetoslav Draganov, speaks of three brothers with nothing in common except their surname.

Love Building
, signed by Iulia Rugina, will tell us whether an institution such as “rehabilitation camp” for couples can treat broken hearts. Another film that speaks about love in a most peculiar way is Miracle, multiple award-winning film directed by Juraj Lehotský, which follows fifteen-year-old Eli who isn’t allowed to love despite her yearnings.

Watch the intelligent, award-winning comedy High Performance and find what will happen when two completely different brothers share a love interest. Tragicomedy Oh, Boy! by Jan Ole Gerste is an self-ironic portrayal of a young man, who decides to drop out of university and, following an unusual plot, ends up wandering the streets of Berlin.

Fresh Danube Films also bring us the latest accomplishment of young and talented Nevio Marasović, whose film The Show Must Go On was screened at the festival in 2011. Find out why Marasović’s second feature film Vis-A-Vis reaped awards at various film festivals from Pula to Los Angeles.

Also don’t miss the explosive mixture that is Velvet Terrorists, a film that speaks of a fine line between defense and attack, courage and chance, fantasy and reality.

Karpotrotter is an amazing film portrayal of Karpa Godina, a filmmaker who during the 1970s made a most unusual film while travelling across the planes of Vojvodina. As time went by many of the reels of the original film got lost. Now, forty years later another author embarks on that same journey. Karpotrotter is directed by Matjaž Ivanišin.

Serbia’s representative in this selection is The Disobedient, directed by Mina Đukić. Following the success of this authentic piece of filmmaking at some of the most influential film festivals across the globe, the Serbian audience will finally get the chance to see the premiere of this film at Cinema City 2014.