24/06/2015 16:56

Cinema City presents film programme at new locations: SKCNS BROD TEATAR & FIRCHIE THINK TANK

The 8th Cinema City IFF will be held under the motto In the right place at the right time, meaning in the new creative district comprised of China Town and Limanski Park in Novi Sad, from June 29 to July 5. During these seven days, the audience will be presented with 70 films in six very different selections, and seven concerts. The films will be screened at six locations: Amstel Open Air Cinema, Planet Rock Music Stage & Open Air Cinema, SKCNS Fabrika Indoor Cinema, Quarter Indoor Cinema and the new locations SKCNS Brod Teatar and Firchie Think Tank Studio.


It is less than a week before the 8th CC IFF kicks off. This year’s festival is getting closer, and soon we will open our gates for all of you.

In addition to the locations marked on the Cinema City map, we have also included SKCNS Brod Teatar and Firchie Think Tank Studio, locations at which we will screen a portion of this year’s film selection, but also present music programme. Owing to these two new locations and the timetable, the visitors will get to see as many films as they wish.

SKCNS Brod Teatar is an open scene of the Student Cultural Centre Novi Sad. It is located at the Belgrade quay, near the Varadin bridge, not far from China Town. Brod Teatar will be the place where the audience will get a chance to enjoy a carefully selected film programme, from Wednesday, July 1 to the closing of the festival on Sunday, July 5.

Starting at 21:00h we will screen the films from the National Class selection: The Healing, Barbarians, Ocean and Open Cage and from 23:30h the films from the Up to 10,000 Bucks programme selection, giving the audience a chance to see a rerun of the favourite films of this popular selection.

Firchie Think Tank Studio will open its doors to all Cinema City visitors. During all seven days of the festival, all those who enjoy a more intimate mood will get to watch films starting at 22:00h and stay for the interesting music programme starting at 23:00h

“During the Cinema City festival, this space will transform into a cinema with quality equipment and great films. In the evening, as part of the review programme, we will present Bebi Dol, Uroš Đurić, and many others. You can follow us on the Firchie Think Tank Facebook page for any further developments. Get over here, kids. It’s awesome here!” says Firči.

The film programme at the location of Firchie Think Tank Studio will include the winning films from previous Cinema City festivals, like Nikola Ležaić’s Tilva Roš, winner of CC 2011 and European Film Award nominee; Maja Miloš's debut feature Clip, winner of CC 2011 and the Bauer award for the best film from the region at the Motovun Film Festival; and Srdan Golubović’s Circles, which received the Ibis award for best film at CC 2013.

From this year’s National Class selection, we will include the repeat screening of Saša Radojević’s Marked, from the Fresh Danube Films selection Tiha K. Gudac’s Naked Island, and also Brankica Drašković’s Masks from the Planet Rock selection.

Maske / Masks- Film Trailer from Brankica Draskovic on Vimeo.

This film about Slobodan Tišma, winner of the NIN award, brings interviews with Slobodan Tišma, Čeda Drča, Sabolč Tolnai, Aleksandar Davić, Andraš Urban, Saša Rakezić alias Aleksandar Zograf, Siniša Tucić, and many others. Slobodan Tišma is difficult to characterize. He is unique and versatile. He wanders with joy through the artistic landscape, drawing it with his words since the early sixties. He started as a poet, he was a conceptualist, an "invisible artist" and a rock musician ("Luna"/"La Strada"). Today, he is a prose writer who sometimes engages in minimalist performances. Wearing different masks, he moved from one artistic space to another breaking the stereotypes and creating an aesthetic phenomenon from his own existence. Masks received DORF 2015 award at the Festival of Music Documentaries – DORF and TV Klasik 2013 award for script development.

Starting at 23:00h every night of the festival, we will use the intimate ambience of this studio to present Čovek Vuk, Formerly known as Block Out (BG), Vladimir Aćić (1606 Music Therapy) (NS), Voja Bešić Band (BG), Baby D’alls D.J. PARTY (BG), Borče Panov (Psychotic Behavior, MK)4. - NETICS, Drum and Bass DJ trio (NS) - NETICS, Drum and Bass DJ trio (NS), Uroš Đurić - 100% Groov DJ, Navali Narode! (BG).

The SKCNS Brod Teatar boat is an open scene of the Student Cultural Centre Novi Sad that is intended for various cultural programmes (theatre plays, concerts, exhibitions, literary meetings, film screenings, etc.). This boat really sails, and its programme is, therefore, intended for both the audience aboard and on the river banks. The organizers chose a flexible and open space concept that is intended to satisfy different functional demands within the confines of real physical limitations and three different modes of use (docked on the shore – destination during summer, sailing during the summer, and moored during winter). This easy-to-transform structure allows for different configurations to be easily created. In addition to the cultural capacity, Brod Teatar has a strong capacity for development, since its schedule will include not only cultural programme, but also programmes aimed at commercial development, ecology, and sustainable development. The mission of Brod Teatar is to revive and promote natural, cultural, and tourist offer of ethnically-diverse Serbia and connect it with the world. Brod Teatar, which is focused first and foremost on promoting Serbia and its attractions, is a shared space for meetings, collaborations, and cultural exchange.

Unlike other popular clubs in the quarter, Firchie Think Tank Studio, where many domestic and foreign authors and artists perform, is tucked deep inside China Town, which gives it a distinctive air of intimacy” says Firči, noting that “China Town has always been his”. Firči says: “I have been here since eighty-three. I have always done something here with my friends, we had workshops and space where we could come and play, long before anyone else even thought of organizing any kind of cultural programme here. We have always hoped that, due to the layout of this location, we will be able to make this space our own. Now it’s got a programme of its own.”