25/06/2015 10:44

CINEMA CITY PARALLELS accompanying programme of the festival

As part of this year’s accompanying programme, Cinema City parallels, the audience will get to enjoy numerous events as part of the additional, but no less fascinating, programme. Applied arts, skaters, youngsters, volunteers, children, and ecology are just a part of what we have prepared for you.

Resident skaters, for whom a visit to Limanski Park is part of their everyday lives, will continue with their practice during the festival. The audience will get to enjoy their performances and skills, but also other numerous activities especially designed for this occasion.

Festival DEV9T has been recently held in Belgrade. Cinema City was presented at the festival as part of the Cinema City favela, where it screened some of the films from its previous editions. Now it’s our turn to present Festival DEV9T. Numerous sculptures of renowned sculptor Viktor Kiss, who is also known as the initiator and founder of the famed Belgrade club Ciglana (Brick factory), will make an integral part of the Cinema City festival. A unique showroom, a club, and a bar that breathes art, Ciglana has recently played host for the DEV9T festival, which is envisioned as an art colony that brings together all those who know the value of culture under the slogan Stvaraj dalje! (Continue creating!) Viktor Kiss is also known for his engagement in the visual identity of the Warrior Dance Festival, designing the Prodigy’s dancing warriors, but mostly for the vigour that he brought to Serbia’s cultural scene.

Centre E8 organizes the National Be a Man meeting, which will gather 12 young men, representatives of Be a Man clubs (Budi muško klub – BMK) from 12 Serbian cities. These clubs gather young activists who organise public campaigns, workshops and other events in their cities, with the aim of promoting the fight against violence (especially gender-based violence), gender equality, healthy lifestyles, and activism. This gathering will be another opportunity for socialising, teambuilding, and workshops, but its primary mission will be to achieve new agreements and plan public campaigns that will be held in those 12 cities on August 12, International Youth Day. BMK members are coming to the Cinema City festival for the first time, adding another dimension and value to this festival and its film and music programmes.

RIO – Association for environmental protection organises an eco-workshop Magic through ecology for children age 6 to 14. The workshop includes various safe experiments with interesting chemical reactions that attract kids’ attention, all wrapped in the well thought-out story of ecology. Some of the experiments that the workshop coordinators will show the children how to make a Chemical volcano, which very vividly depicts an actual volcano eruption, write a Love letter that only the intended recipient can see, how to make a Chemical Cappuccino, turn water into wine, and many other experiments.

Be a donor! Become a hero! is a campaign joined by both Cinema City and the Little Buddho film crew. We hereby invite all our visitors to join us and give support to the campaign Be a donor! Become a hero! a programme that promotes organ donation and transplantation, which was initiated by the Pan Transplant association of transplant patients of Vojvodina. From Friday, July 3 to Sunday July 5, at the stand of Pan Transplant the visitors will be answered all their questions and will also be able to sign their own donor cards. The press conference and the handing of the charter to the Cinema City festival and the representatives of the Little Buddho film crew will take place on July 4, at 18:30 at the festival centre.

KultTura project is one of the projects that are part of the candidacy of the city of Novi Sad for becoming the European Capital of Culture for the year 2021. This project will be presented at the Cinema City festival with a Flash Mob - Tribute to Michael Jackson.

Our neighbours are an essential part of this year’s programme. Visitors will get to explore the entire China Town and meet our neighbours, like Manual museum of forgotten arts, Diving club Danubius, Kukuriku restaurant, Community centre, Crveni petao, Cycling club Novi Sad, Garage 021, pub Macko and Baza. They have all been marked on the Cinema City map and are expecting you.