29/06/2011 04:03

’’Cinema City has the potential to become a revolution in modern culture’’

Along with traditional programme, the three novelty selections at Cinema City 2011- Nobarcode, Hungry Days and 360º have received a great deal of attention from the audience. In the course of 8 days we screened 150 films and among them over 60 premieres. Over 80,000 visitors attended the Festival.

When asked to give her vision of Cinema City festival, the new selector for the festival, Tiziana Finzi remarked: “I see great challenge in small countries, especially here. I always say that Cinema City has the potential to become a revolution in modern culture, like it has been happening with Sarajevo Film Festival or the festival in Bucharest for the past ten years. I hope we will receive more media attention and get to bring more internationally acclaimed film representatives in the years to come. At the same time, it is important to keep the spirit of freedom and the energy and motivation which created this Festival!”

Cinema City was held from June 18-25. Great mood of open-air cinemas, ticket for domestic films sold days in advance and especially great interest for CineYouth academic programme and SAE workshops are what this year’s Festival will be remembered for. The visitors had a chance to meet some of the most renowned directors from all over the world, like Bela Tarr, Šarunas Bartas, Dorota Kedzierzawska and to see retrospectives of their work including the retrospective of one Velimir Bata Živojinović, which was Cinema City’s way of honoring their body of work.

CINEMA NOW platform was another novelty this year. It presented some of the young film authors whose films have been screened this year. The platform will continue to grow in the years to come, with special focus on young authors.