08/06/2009 12:44

Cinema City Films for Monday 8th June

Film projections for Monday, 8th June, at big hall of Serbian National Theatre begin at 3.30 pm with the film March, drama by the Austrian director Klaus Händl, which is a part of Balkan Box - SFF Highlights selection. After that at 6 pm, there will be the projection of the film from National Class selection The Life and Death of a Porno Gang by Mladen Djordjević. At 8 pm the visitors will have an opportunity to see the latest creation by Srdjan Dragojević St. George Shoots the Dragon, and at 10 pm there will be the projection of the film from Exit Point selection by director Samira Makhmalbaf Two-Legged Horse.

At small hall of SNP at 6.30 pm there will be the film by the German director Insa Onken Rich Brother from Democracy: Export/Import selection. At 6.30 pm within Retrospective of a Domestic Author selection, the festival visitors will have a chance to see the film by the legendary domestic director Aleksandar Petrović Days. The 8.30 pm projection is reserved for excellent Argentinian comedy Lovely Loneliness by Martín Carranza. At 10.30 pm there will be the unusual creation Milky Way, experimental film by the Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf.

Open-air cinema at Katolicka porta, tonight on its repertoire offers two films, at 9.15 pm the film Autumn by the Turkish director Özcan Alper from the selection Respect to Turkey: Contemporary Turkish Cinema, and at 11.15 pm there will be the drama Ordinary People by the director Vladimir Perišić from National Class selection.

At Dunavski Park film programme begins at 9.15 pm with the projection of the Mexican musical Cumbia Connection by René Villarreal, and after that beginning at 11.15 pm there will be the projection of the film Babel by the director Alejandro González Iñárritu, within the programme Special Screening.

The third open-air cinema is in Miletićeva Street, and with the projection at 9.15 pm the creation by world acclaimed animator Bill Plympton from 2008 Idiots and Angels will be presented. At 11.15 pm at the same location there will be the projection of the film Captive by Alexei Uchitel.

At big hall of Pozoriste Mladih, beginning at 8 pm the classic Miracle in Milan from Pedja's Film Collection will be shown, and after that at 10 pm there will be British musical documentary called Punk: Attitude.

Film projections at small hall of Pozoriste Mladih begin at 6.30 pm with the film Roskilde, a musical documentary from Planet Rock selection. At 8.30 pm animated film by Bill Plympton I Married a Strange Person! will be shown, and at 10.30 pm the films from Up to 10,000 Bucks selection will follow in the next order: The Painter of Skies, 33rd Day, Wood Through the Trees, Passage.

At Art cinema Vojvodina in SPENS, at 8 pm the visitors of Film and Media Festival Cinema City can see the cult creation Alphaville by the French director Godard, while at 10 pm there will be the projection of the film Terror of Mechagodzilla by the Japanese director Ishirô Honda.

Enjoy the film programme of Cinema City festival for Monday 8th June!