06/06/2009 10:44


Film and Media Festival Cinema City will be opened by a famous Mexican screenwriter, director and writer Guillermo Arriaga on Saturday 6th June at 8 pm at "Jovan Djordjevic" stage in Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. After the official opening, the projection of animated film by Aleksa Gajić Technotise: Edit and I will follow. Many foreign and domestic actors, directors, producers and journalists will be present at the opening ceremony, and they will also be festival's guests during nine days. Cinema City festival, which will take place from 6th to 14th June, will present rich film, musical and academic programme, as well as the media festival which will be presented in more than 20 locations. Film programme will present 15 selections of domestic and foreign production, with three competitive selections and numerous thematic parallel programmes.

After the opening of the festival and the projection of film Technotise: Edit and I at Petrovaradin's Fortress there will be a special projection of the film by Alejandro González Iñárritu, 21 Grams because of the arrival of famous screenwriter, director and writer Guillermo Arriaga, who is coming to Serbia for the first time as a quest of Cinema City festival. Film 21 Grams will be projected at Petrovaradin's Fortress at the location of ex World Music Stage, in the cinema arena with thousand seats and the film screen of the 12x6 meter size.

After the film, at the same place, there will be festival's opening party in which LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad, Mulinex, Matt-U, DJ Flip and Ahmaad will perform. Entrance to the projection and the party is free of charge.