10/06/2010 08:31

Cinema City Festival – day 6

We’ll begin the review of today’s programme by presenting films screened at Serbian National Theatre. The first film on today’s repertoire starts at 13:00h. It is a film from Tribute: New Croatian Cinema, “Zagreb Stories”. At 15:30h is the screening of “Metastases” from the same selection. From 18:00h you can see the repeat screening of Srdjan Karanovic’s “Besa”. 20:30h time slot is reserved for the premiere of Srdjan Koljevic’s “The Woman with a Broken Nose”. This film is one of the most awaited films from National Class selection, since all the tickets were sold out days before the actual screening. At 23:00h National Class continues with the screening of Aleksandar Jankovic’s “Flashback”.

Evening at Katolicka porta open-air cinema brings two Exit Point premieres. At 21:15h you can attend the premiere of Spanish film “Me Too”, which speaks of Daniel, a young man with Down’s syndrome. Since he was little, his mother treated him as a person completely capable of leading a normal life as an individual. Daniel majored in psychology, learned how to live and work as anyone else would, but the problem is he never stopped feeling trapped between the two worlds. At 23:15 is a premiere of “Ajami”. This multiple winner, inter alia, received an Academy Award nomination for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. It is a powerful crime drama set on the streets of Jaffa’s Ajami neighborhood – a melting pot of cultures and conflicting views between Jews, Muslims and Christians. The film gives an account on five different stories, fatal clashes of cultures and numerous conflicts which result from those encounters.

Beginning at 20:00h, at Youth Theatre’s Main Hall is the screening “Revanche” from Tribute: Austrian Cinema selection. At the same location at 22:00h you can see animated adventure “Corto Maltese in Siberia”, inspired by Hugo Pratt’s immortal hero. At Small Hall, at 18:00 you can see “Waiting” from Cinema City Shorts selection. This film was a part of Sarajevo City of Film 2009 project. At 18:30h you can see anime “Genius Party Beyond”, and 21:00h is a usual time slot reserved for the screenings of films from Up to 10.000 bucks: “I can't come back, if I don't go away!”, “Beautiful Young Unemployed” and “Plancha”

Corto Maltese’s adventures continue at Dunavski park open-air cinema with his new endeavor in “"Corto Maltese: The Gilded House of Samarkand". In case you’ve missed Cinema City’s opening film “The Secret in Their Eyes”, a superb film by Argentine director Juan José Campanella, which absolutely captivated the audience, you shouldn’t miss this last opportunity of seeing it at our Festival. The film begins at 23:15h.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina continues to screen Retrospective of a Domestic Author - Miodrag (Mića) Popović with his film “The Tough Ones” which starts at 18:00h. At 20:00h is the screening of “Five Cardinal Points” from Democracy: Export/Import selection. 22:00h time slot is reserved for Billy Wilder’s comedy classic, “The Apartment” starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine.

Enjoy the programme of Cinema City Festival!