31/08/2013 08:30

Cinema City - Day 6

Arena Cineplex – hall 5

15:00h – When Day Breaks by Goran Paskaljević. Searching for the truth about himself and his origin, professor Miša searches for the little-known truth about Old Sajmište concentration camp, one of the most horrific Nazi execution sites, located in the very heart of the present day Belgrade.

17:30h – Falsifier by Goran Marković. The film follows a forger of diplomas, who does it out of goodnes of his heart, and not for gain. When his good deeds lead to a major disaster and an unexpected murder, the entire reality and everything we thought was true will become a forgery.

20:00h – Where Is Nadia? This film is signed by the studens of the Faculty of Drama Arts from Belgrade, and follows a sudden disappearance of 18-year old Nadia, which leads her father on a quest during which he discovers the world he never knew existed.

22:30h – Artilleryman by Srđa Aleksić, another representative of the National Class selection. The film speaks of dreams and idols and ways of reaching them.

Arena Cineplex – hall 3

15:15h – Rhino Season. This film, which had been screened from Toronto to San Sebastian, introduces us with Kurdish-Iranian poet Sahel, who has just been released from prison after serving a 30-year sentence. All he wants is to find his wife, who believes him to be dead. His journey to Istanbul will prove to be perilous for he cannot seem to shake the ghosts of his past.

17:30h – The Old School of Capitalism by Želimir Žilnik. The story is set in the middle of workers’ protests that are spreading across Serbia.

20:15h – Superstar

22:30h – Cup Final, by Eran Riklis. The film shows how enemies can overcome their antagonism and hate when they focus their love on the same interest – football.

Arena 3D Open Air

20:30h – Planes

23:00h – World War Z

Amstel Open Air

21:00h – Reincarnated

23:00h – Trolling by Kosta Đorđević. The film follows three young protagonists of a different social status, who are obsessed by the love for the wrong person

Gallery of Matica Srpska

20:00h – Dragan Wende –West Berlin. The film delighted the audience at Berlin and later at the opening of Beldocs in Belgrade. This documentary shows gastarbeiters from these parts, who are victims of the fall of the Wall, reliving their memories of former glory and great life in Berlin.

Educons Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina – cinema hall

14:00h – The Machine That Makes Everything Disappear. The film which was awarded at the Sundance Film Festival brings us stories from the casting for a film. Young people, wishing to be in the limelight, try to find their place under the sun, all so different, and yet united in pursuit of happiness.

16:00h – The Blockade from the Film it Loud selection. The film brings a unique insider’s view into the longest, the most massive and politically the most significant student protest at the Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb. The director followed everything, from excited and preparatory meetings to blocking of classes, onset of weariness, nightly debates, from teachers’ support to their alienation from the students, and students’ tries in reaching the elusive minister of education.

18:00h - Želimir Žilnik's Oldtimer. The film introduces us with an aged rocker Igor, who works as a journalist and a DJ in Ljubljana. After realizing that the walls are bugged and that every criticism of the regime gets recorded, he decides to drive an old motorcycle to Greece, via Bosna and Serbia. His journey will not be easy. This film will be followed by yet another Želimir Žilnik's – Brooklyn-Gusinje.

21:00h – Unplugged by Mladen Kovačević. An existential allegory about the last leaf players and the autumns of our lives.

23:00h – Cuatro. From the band’s home studio in Oakland, California, to various intimate performances in New York, Austin, Newport Beach and Los Angeles, the film chronicles the Green Day’s year and a half long journey while they write and record their trilogy ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tre´!