21/06/2012 10:20

Cinema City – Day 6

Serbian National Theatre

"Unfair world" - A story of a paradoxical pursuit of happiness in the wrong place, at the wrong time, which received two awards at San Sebastián International Film Festival, will open today’s screenings at 17;30h. It is masterfully designed tragicomedy, directed by Filippos Tsitos which speaks of how people become unfair to others due to their own misfortunes. At 20:00h you can attend the premiere of Miroslav Momčilović’s latest feature “Death of a Man in Balkans”. This long-awaited feature presents a story of a lonely artist who commits suicide in front of web camera, and his neighbors, who glorify his life’s work but can’t seem to remember his name. After this premiere, at 22:30h you can see another accomplishment from National Class competition selection, Maja Miloš’s “Clip”.

Katolička porta

At 21:15f the audience will get a chance to see "Redemption Street”, directed by Miroslav Terzić. A masterfully produced crime thriller, starring Rade Šerbedžija and Uliks Fehmiju, follows a young and persevering public prosecutor who discovers carefully kept secrets and conspiracies, which will lead him into mortal peril. “Redemption Street” is the first film in which Gordan Kičić is also a producer. After this tense experience, stay and chill with Julie Delpy’s “Le Skylab”, a comic adventure which received Special Prize of the Jury at San Sebastian International Film Festival, which won over the audience of the Cinema City festival at its premiere screening on Sunday.

Arena Cineplex Hall 1

Screenings at Arena Cineplex Hall 1 start at 16:00h with a typical example of bold and intelligent Eastern European film, “The House”. At 18:00h is the screening of “Nana”, a very personal story told through the perspective of a four-year old girl. The film delighted the visitors at its premiere screening last night. This debut feature received Best First Film award at Locarno. At 20:00 stay to see the reprised screening of João Pedro Rodrigues’ “To Die Like a Man”, an unusual combination of drama, fantasy and music. At 22:30h is the screening of Santiago Mitre’s debut feature “The Student”, which is also one of the best contemporary Argentine achievements. It is a dynamic story of a disinterested student who becomes involved in student politics after winning over the sympathies of an assistant professor. It is a cleverly designed metaphor for political machinations occurring within the society.

Arena Cineplex Hall 4!

At 18:00h at this location you can see “Whiskey with Vodka”, which won its maker, Andreas Dresen, the award in the category best director at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2009. It is a story of an aged drunken actor and one film crew. Through sophisticated sensibility, and with light, laconic humor, the film speaks of loneliness and aging, real possibilities and dreams, big lies and small lies. At 20:30h you can see Bela Tarr’s “The Turin Horse”. Inspired by the event that made German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche bedridden, the film depicts the harshness of everyday life. At Berlinale 2011 the film received four awards. The last film at this location is Hungarian “Fragment” – a film that creates a tense battle between church authorities and new power, which tries to take control over Hungary at the end of the war.

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

At 17:00, you can see “Hungary 2011” signed by eleven directors from Hungary. The film, also screened at Berlinale, is an outcry in a country where the right-wing government is increasingly restricting cultural and film creativity. Competition for the pecuniary award in Up to 10,000 bucks competition selection continues. At 19;00h the audience will get a chance to see five extremely creative low-budget achievements from this selection: Running Upside Down, 8, Stevan M. Živković, Half Past Nine and I’m a Desert. Within Educons Hungry Days, another competition selection promoting young artists, at 21:00h you can see Spanish documentary “Dress Rehearsal for Utopia”, and at 23:00h a documentary “Paul Kalkbrenner – A Live Documentary”, about Berlin techno star Kalkbrenner, and his excellent performances inside the biggest European arenas.