11/06/2010 09:14

Cinema City Council as a platform for development

Cinema City Council held its first official meeting yesterday. The purpose of the council is to participate in creating a platform for the development and promotion of the Festival. Since its inception, Cinema City recorded great success with the audience but also in promoting national, regional and world cinematography. By creating this council and with active participation of representatives from film art and industry, Cinema City wants to build its international credibility and promotion as well as mobility, connecting and, first of all, development of national and regional cinematography.

Representatives of the Festival invited relevant film authors in order to, along with them, create programme, give support and help further development of film industry in our country. Along with director of the Festival, Milos Ignjatovic and other representatives of the Festival, the meeting attended esteemed actress Anica Dobra, actor and producer Svetozar Cvetkovic, actor Nikola Djuricko and directors Dejan Zecevic and Vladimir Perisic.

During the meeting many ideas were recognized, ideas which Festival wants to develop in the future, e.g. forming of industrial segment of the Festival, and strong cinema market, which would connect numerous regional but also world representatives of film industry. In regard to Festival’s target audience, comprised mainly of young people, an opportunity was presented for creating alternative educational centre, a film workshop that would assemble young authors, thus providing support and a possibility for professional accomplishment of young directors from the region and their directorial debuts.

Last year, Cinema City was attended by more than 70.000 visitors, but this year that number will certainly be exceeded. During the last three years, this Festival screened 12 premieres from National Class but also some of the most significant achievements of world cinematography. Previous guests of the Festival were esteemed author and screenwriter, Guillermo Arriaga, Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis, who opened this year’s edition of the Festival, as well as a number of regional and national greats like Pjer Zalica, Miki Manojlovic, Goran Paskaljevic and many others. From its inception, Festival was oriented towards young audience as well as development and support of new talents through its Up to 10.000 bucks selection.