11/06/2010 11:43

Cinema City closing party tomorrow

Get ready! Cinema City closing party will be held tomorrow, June 12, within familiar panorama of Petrovaradin fortress. Entrance is free and the party starts at 22:00h. If you decide to join us, you’ll have an opportunity to hear Felony Flats and Andrea 3000, then at 23:30h Filip and MKDSL. After this excellent duo, one o’clock after midnight is a perfect timing for French Fries, who this year topped the playlists at WMC winter music conference in Miami with his hit Santa. After him, at 03:00h you can enjoy Roy Fokker’s and Dee Face’s performance and a finishing touch will be Dejan Milicevic’s and Marko Milosavljevic’s performance at 04:30h.

This music selection promises good fun! C ya!