23/04/2014 10:33

Cinema City Campus 2014: Call for the participants

Since its inception Cinema City has nurtured programmes and projects focused on encouraging creativity and promoting young and talented artists. In 2012 we organized a campaign called “Cinema:NOW”, which focused on promoting 20 of our most promising young directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, sound designers, and producers. The Cinema City festival made them its trademark for that year, in order to present the audience and film professionals with their work, aspirations and achievements. The Festival also organized an educational programme aimed at the expansion of previously acquired knowledge.

In 2013 we successfully organized “Cinema Youth”, which played host to 40 young film artists from ex-YU countries. The lecturers included Želimir Žilnik, Marek Rozenbaum, Katrin Gebe, Zavvi pl, Srdan Golubović, Damir Čučić, Darko Lungulov, Dragan Petrović, and Snežana Penev. The programme of “Cinema Youth” 2013 is the cornerstone of the future programme of “Cinema City Campus”.

Cinema City Campus is an educational platform, intended for young film authors and film professionals from the country and the region (ex-YU). It is designed so as to provide them with knowledge and innovative skills, and help them make their debut films.

The objective of the Cinema City Campus is to inspire and motivate future generations, and point out to them how important it is to monitor the trends in creative industries, think outside the box, and continue with one’s professional development and acquisition of knowledge.

Although based on rules and knowledge of the conventional film production in Europe, the Cinema City Campus will strive to build on the existing practice and curriculums of art academies, and through a series of workshops provide the participants with the knowledge that may be of value to them in their artistic endeavors. It will also allow young film professionals to exchange creative ideas and, hopefully, develop new projects.

The first Cinema City Campus will focus on 30 directors and producers from the region. During the five days of the Campus the attendees will have a chance to meet the lecturers – renowned film professionals, carefully selected domestic and foreign authors (directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors), producers, experts and representatives of various funds and institutions. Cinema City Campus will be held from June 23-27 2014.

Anyone interested can apply using this form. Please submit your application no latter than May 16th 2014.

The completed form should be sent to the following email: [email protected]