05/06/2010 10:16

Burton’s “Alice” at Dunavski park

First day of the Festival will greet the visitors with the opening act of “The Secret in Their Eyes” and the special screening of Juliette Lewis’ magnificent performance in “Natural Born Killers, later followed by Burton’s new remarkable feature “Alice in Wonderland”. This animated film vision of Lewis Carroll’s fabled story will be screened in the perfect atmosphere of Dunavski park open-air cinema. The projection starts at 23:30h.

Lead hero is Alice Kingsleigh, a girl whose life takes an unexpected turn. At a Victorian party organized in her honor she is proposed by Hamish, a respectable but dull son of Lord and Lady Ascot. Without explanation she runs away, following a rabbit wearing a white waistcoat and carrying a pocket watch, whom she sees running across the yard.

Following the White Rabbit across the field, Alice sees him disappearing into a hole in the ground and suddenly she falls in it too. She is falling through a strange passage like something out of a dream and eventually ends up in a round chamber with many doors. After a bit of struggling with a small bottle labeled “DRINK ME”, which will make her miniature and a cake decorated with “EAT ME”, which will make her gigantic, she will manage to find a way through a door and enter a marvelous world, known to its inhabitants as Underworld.

Film adventures start today – enjoy the programme of Cinema City Festival!