22/05/2009 18:18

Buick Riviera

Croatia, 2008, 86 min.
Director: Goran Rusinović
Cast: Slavko Štimac, Leon Lučev, Aimee Klein
Awards: Golden Arena, Pula Film Festival, 2008; Best Actor, Heart of Sarajevo, Sarajevo Film Festival, 2008.

Cinema City festival will present the film Buick Riviera by director Goran Rusinovic as part of Balkan Box/SFF Highlights selection.

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina many people sought asylum in foreign countries. That was the fate of Buick Riviera's protagonists, Hasan and Vuko, who have moved to Dakota, USA because of the war. Hasan lives with his wife Andjela, they don't have children and they are not happy with their lives. Hasan's only love and passion which encourages him is aimed at his new car, the Buick Riviera. By a twist of fate, Vuko and Hasan encounter on an empty highway which goes through Central America. An unexplained force connects the two heroes, and they spend together the next 24 hours, trying to reach answers through numerous discussions and mental tortures between themselves - which nation is mostly to blame for in the Bosnian war - but they don't manage to convince one another, just as the war hasn't either.

In 2008, at film festival in Pula, the film Buick Riviera by director Rusinovic, won the award in category for Best Screenplay, which was written by the director himself and by the acknowledged Croatian literate Miljenko Jergovic. When participating at Sarajevo Film Festival in the same year, Buick Riviera won two awards in category for Best Actor (Slavko Stimac and Leon Lucev), as well as a prestigious award Heart of Sarajevo.