06/06/2016 04:51

Biting Satire of Contemporary Capitalism: “WiNWiN” in Fresh Danube Films Section

Cinematic Exploration of the Power of Money

Fresh Danube Films presents a biting satire of contemporary capitalism and its representatives, as sterile and replaceable as the money they worship. The film portrays four supposed professional investors who travel the world in a private jet in search for companies which they could buy for nothing. Surprisingly, a great many successful businessmen are up for such a deal. What is it actually about?

After his first feature film Soldier Jane, which examines the value of money, Daniel Hoesl’s feature follow-up explores the power of money in the modern world. WinWin is a harsh and rigorous satire of irrational wealth that is being accumulated in the global market. The plot is set in arid, brightly polished and bizarrely perfect interiors, hardly relatable to real human habitats, for real humans are not desired in such a world. Unless they are ready to be part of that money-inflated “balloon”, and willing to literally lay down their lives for it.

This is the second full-length film directed by Daniel Hoesl. His debut Soldier Jane was awarded at the film festival in Rotterdam in 2013. Hoesl is also the author of the short films The Madness of the Day (2011) and Lektionen von alltäglichem Pathos (2006).

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