25/05/2008 10:42

Best Movies from the Region in Cinema City Festival


Cinema City Festival which is to take place from 14th to 21st of June in Novi Sad is going to present some of the newest film productions from the region in Balkan Booster Selection. During the eight days of the festival, the most significant movies from Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria are going to be shown, and numerous authors and crews are going to be guests in Novi Sad.

The second feature film by Bosnian director Srđan Vuletić, Tesko je biti fin (It’s Hard to Be Nice), this year’s candidate for the most prestigious film award, Oscar, in the category of movies from non-English speaking countries, is going to be shown in Balkan Booster Selection. The movie is actually a story about Sarajevo, and it shows how difficult is to be nice and survive in a new society full of corruption and criminal, despite strong determination to live morally acceptable life.

From Croatia, we have many times awarded movie called Živi i mrtvi (Dead and Alive), by Kristijan Milić. It is an amazing story with fictional elements and a strong anti-war message, based on a novel by Josip Mlakic. Ja sum od Titov Veles (I Am from Titov Veles), by Labina Mitevska represents a contemporary social context of Macedonia through a story about sacrifice and self-denial of the main character Aphrodite, and about her determination to fight bad life conditions and rules according to which she and her two sisters live.

Balkan Booster is going to present movies Which Way Today by a living legend of Bulgarian cinematography, Rangel Valchanov, Mao Tse Tung by Albanian director Besnik Mustafaj, about a Gipsy Mau who lives in a small town in Albania of the seventies, as well as Slovenian movie Estrellita by Metod Pevec.