13/04/2011 10:13

Balkan Box selection

Balkan Box will this year present six films from the region. One of those films is Milcho Manchevski’s “Mothers”, this year’s winner at FEST and the Academy Award nominee. Through innovative structure, this film points to fragile and sensitive relations between truth and fiction, drama and documentry, thus becoming a meditation on the nature of the truth itself.

From Croatia comes Nevio Marasevic’s “The Show Must Go On”. This feature received Golden Arena for Best Screenplay, Golden Arena for the Best Special Effects, Best Newcomer award and the Critic’s Choice Movie of the Year award at the Pula Film Festival. The story takes place in Zagreb, 10 years into the future and is focused on Filip Dogan, a successful and ambitious producer of a reality show “Housed”, who’s doing all he can to save the contestants from the harsh truth about the outside world.

Adis Bakrac from Bosnia and Herzegovina directed “The Abandoned”, starring Mira Furlan. The story revolves around the lives of children in a Sarajevo orphanage, their fates and daily temptations.

Greek film “Apnea” won the audience award and received FIPRESCI recognition for best Greek feature in 2010 at Thessaloniki International Film Festival. In associative manner the story tells us of the pressures that come from sporting contests and financial difficulties the hero is facing, as well as his relationship with a girl who mysteriously disappeared.

Edmond Budina’s “Balkan Bazaar” is Albanian-Italian coproduction, which speaks about bizarre bone trafficking. The story is based on real events, taking place in southern Albania a few years ago.

Marian Crisan’s “Morgen” is a story of a most peculiar friendship between Nelu, who lives in a small Romanian town near the Hungarian border and Behran, Turkish emigrant who’s trying to cross the border on his way to Western Europe. This Romanian-Hungarian-French coproduction received four awards at Festival del film Locarno and three jury recognitions at Thessaloniki International Film Festival.