10/08/2013 02:45

Bad Copy and Kevin Saunderson at Planet Rock festival on August 30 in Novi Sad

As of this year Novi Sad is richer for one more festival – PLANET ROCK, an interdisciplinary festival that strives to integrate several segments of alternative culture: Skaters/Bikers, Clubbers, Rockers, Street Art and Film.

The music and film festival PLANET ROCK, which will be held on August 30 in Novi Sad, is a result of cooperation between the Cinema City festival and organization HNS Creative. The vision of this project is to use original film and music platform in order to generate a framework for positioning Novi Sad as a new creative and entertainment centre that promotes alternative and prosperous artists.

PLANET ROCK is oriented towards local community with the aim of raising attention to quality spaces and contents offered by one of the most attractive urban zones of Novi Sad and the region. In the general rise of the so-called showbiz, urban subcultures found their place in Chinatown. Once an industrial zone with numerous halls and factories, it is now a place with the best alternative clubs in Novi Sad: Factory, Route 66, Compressor, Quarter, etc.

One of these clubs, together with Skate Park, and open-air cinema positioned at the center of festival events will make stages of Planet Rock.

The programme is tailored to suit all the movements that found their home in this part of Novi Sad, and the main stars of the Planet Rock festival will be one of the pioneers of Detroit techno, the great Kevin Saunderson and Belgrade hip-hop super group Bad Copy.

Kevin Saunderson, together with Derrick May and Juan Atkins, makes the famous Belleville trio, and with Paris Grey a cult band Inner City. The great DJ and producer with a career spanning 25 years will perform at SKC Factory, while Ajs, Timbe and Vikler, favourites of Novi Sad audience, will present their new album “Krigle” at club Quarter, which will be their first appearance after their incredible performance at EXIT festival. In addition to them, four stages will play hosts for numerous local bands and DJs, whose names will be announced later.

As of early hours of the afternoon on the last day of August, the skate park will host the competition between some of the best skaters and bikers in the region. The participants and the audience will enjoy extreme driving and music with indispensable MCs.

The evening is reserved for a film marathon screened at the open-air cinema. It will present contemporary classics focusing on music, street-life and art.

The Cinema City Stage, an open air cinema, will screen “The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think” a perfect audiovisual recording of the performance of this great duo, and ''Doin' it in the park: Pick-up Basketball, NYC'' a documentary on the culture of street basket, a phenomenon that gathers millions of people worldwide, with a focus on New York as its epicentre.

The first edition of the Planet Rock Festival has the goal to imply the potential of one urban city zone, and provide a foundation for a traditional festival that will mark the end of summer.

ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, at noon exactly, those fastest will be able to purchase tickets at the promotional price of RSD 490. The presale price will be RSD 690, while tickets on the day of the festival will be RSD 990. All those wishing to purchase tickets can do so online or through www.gigstix.com. Also, the tickets will be available in Novi Sad at GigsTix points-of-sale – Pariski magazin (Kralja Aleksandra 12) and Bulevar Books (Bulevar oslobođenja 60).