25/06/2008 04:11

Awards in Up to 10.000 Bucks Selection

On the 21st of June, at the closing ceremony of Cinema City, International Film and New Media Festival, four awards were given in Up to 10.000 Bucks Selection, in the following categories:

- A special Award – a plaquette was won by Illusion, directed by Burhan Kurbani


For a refined approach to the topic that treats helplessness of an individual in a megapolis.

- A special Award – a plaquette was won by The Golden Nunshacas, directed by Zoran Bojovi?.


For the most entertaining long film, and because of the illusion that justice wins at least in a trash genre.

- A special Award – a plaquette was won by Joe Goes to Serbia, directed by Sonja Blagojevi?.


For an emotional and sincere treatment of showing human relation in different cultures.

- The award for best film – IBIS statuette and DV camera with additional video equipment were given to Lullaby for a Boy, directed by Miloš Puši?.


For an intimate approach to the great historical issue.