15/06/2009 17:41

At the Festival's Closing Ceremony

Last night, Sunday June 14th, closing ceremony of  Film and Media Festival Cinema City was held, and the awards were given to the winners of competitive selections Exit Point, National Class and Up to 10,000 Bucks. After the award ceremony, during which the winners were greeted with respect and applause, in the full big hall of Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad, festival's director Miloš Ignjatović addressed the audience with the words of appreciation. Following that the latest film by Claude Chabrol Bellamy was shown, and the award winners went to the festival's Press centre for the press conference.

After the conference, positive festival's atmosphere was carried to the theatre club Trema, where until late at night, in the tremendous mood and with great music provided by the most attractive domestic DJs, together with the the festival's winners, a party was held to celebrate the received awards and the nine unbelievably successful days of film in Novi Sad. The festival was rich with film premières, excellent film, academic and media programme, and large number of important guests and film experts.

During nine dynamic days marked by Cinema City, about 70,000 admirers of high-quality film visited the cinemas, which is a proof that Novi Sad needs a manifestation like this, culture of watching films, and above all, a lively cinema life.